Six Participants Completed the DSLNG Operator Program Apprenticeship 2022

Operator Program Apprenticeship (OPA) DSLNG 2022 has officially ended. The Six OPA DSLNG 2022 participants were declared to have passed and were competent in the LNG plant operators’ field, according to the results of the training and several tests given for ten months. The closing of OPA on December 6 2022 was marked by a simple event at the DSLNG Plant, which was also attended by the Head of the Banggai District Manpower and Transmigration Office. OPA DSLNG, which has entered its second year, is open for youth of Banggai Regency with a minimum Diploma 3 Engineering graduate. Six DSLNG 2022 OPA participants were selected based on rigorous tests and verifications ranging from English proficiency and basic technical knowledge to medical tests. While participating in the program, participants learn competencies related to working as LNG Field Operators. Both were guided by external training institutions, and directly guided by internal DSLNG instructors who have been certified by BNSP. Participants were also given English training within three months by a training institution appointed by DSLNG.

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