The new season of learning process, Job Specific Training (JST) in Badak LNG, begins in this early August. In particular for the fist part of the program, I have a chance to deeply grasp any topic related to Storage and Loading Section. What a truly tremendous experience I`ve had on the first week of the program. I have done awesome things with awesome people, I would say.

Attending opening & closing of a LNG Custody Transfer Measurement coached by a loading master, operating loading arms as well as a gangway, doing log sheet on a compressor room of the LNG tanker ship lead by the LNG ship`s Korean crews, and having meal with the Philippines crews were kind of fascinating activities that I have experienced so far. Besides, I also focused on Nitrogen Plant, the one that supports the LNG process train.

What would be the new challenge of this stage is we, the DSLNG`s Technical Apprentices, are now part of the Operation Department of Badak LNG shift work schedule. Obviously, we have morning shift, afternoon as well as night shift. At the moment, honestly, the challenging time occurs when conducting the night shift. As we concentrated on what we had to focus on, we also had to fight off sleepiness. However, I truly believe that as the time goes by, we will get used to it.

It has been a epic journey. Like any journey, it has had its plateaus, peaks, and valleys. But no matter what, through it all, I have learnt a lot and definitely thankful for that.
I am currently assigned to be an assistant of Utility/Offsite Panel Operator as part of development program. I never thought that I am now able to sit in front DCS panel this fast and deal with various process configuration in order to support LNG production. Not to mention close coordination that needs to be established amongst DCS panels and concerning parties in order to support maintenance activities or LNG/Condensate activities carried out at field.

However, before operating the DCS panel, three assignments tests are mandatory to be completed within 3 years. After that, OTS training is introduced for the purpose of DCS introduction. By having those three assignment completed, it is expected that the competency gained can be applied when operating DCS panel.

Yes, there have been so many trainings for the last seven years, but that is what is really needed in order to develop a competent people. In my humble opinion, every training programs conveyed during the Technical Apprenticeship period is worthwhile. All those endeavors to go through those bumpy rides have shaped us into the person what we are today. Thank you DSLNG for all the great opportunities. I could not be more grateful. I am excitedly looking forward to what the future holds. The best is yet to come.