In line with our commitment to be a socially and environmentally responsible LNG company, PT DonggiSenoro LNG has given a considerable amount of attention to the development of the surrounding communities.

At DSLNG, we don’t only oversee the the project’s construction phase to its operation phase as it is today, but also the project’s benefit to the development and growth of the surrounding community. Through social investment, we grow together with the community.
In setting, designing, and implementing CSR programs, DSLNG refers to various domestic regulations and best practices that are globally recognized.


Public Health Program

To support community access to basic health service

Education Programme

Improved access and quality of basic education for local communities.

Economic Empowerment Program

Improving Livelihood and Local Economy Development to achieve sustainable community development

Environmental Program

To support preserving biodiversity, sustainable environment, and community-based conservation efforts.


Increased utilization and access to public facility which contributed to community well-being.