Our People

Our People

The competence of people is paramount to the achievement of operational excellence. Right from the start DSLNG has sought to attract and develop the very best people to achieve its operational goals.

The overall LNG value chain includes gas production, processing, liquefaction, storage, transportation, re-gasification and distribution to consumers.

DSLNG plays its part in the value chain from the time when the plant (or liquefaction facility) receives processed natural gas from the upstream gas producers. In the LNG plant this gas is further processed by cooling it to about 160 degrees celsius below zero which turns it into a liquid (LNG) so it can be stored in the tank and then shipped. The LNG is then loaded onto specially designed tankers and shipped to customers thousands of kilometers away.

To keep the value chain intact, DSLNG's human resources must achieve the highest level of performance and competency because links of the value chain are dependant on each other.

The LNG business is an international business that combines the resources and capabilities of people and companies from around the world to achieve "best practice" performance. Hence, the DSLNG's workforce itself is multi-national with the vast majority coming from Banggai Regency, Sulawesi, and other parts of Indonesia.