Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a guidance for each Personnel on how to conduct business and daily working activities ethically.

This Code of Conduct shall represent the Company’s commitment to operate with standard of behavior in line with the principles of good corporate governance, the Company’s Values as well as the prevailing laws and regulations.

This Code of Conduct applies to each Personnel without exemption; whereas for the interest of maintaining the Company’s good reputation and integrity, it is also expected that each third party the Company is dealing with, shall support the implementation of this Code of Conduct.

The Company’s Values are the underlying fundamental principles which are expected to be embedded in each Personnel. Every Personnel is expected to act and behave according to the Company’s Values in conducting business in order to achieve the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Company.

The Company’s Values are:

1.    Integrity
2.    Responsibility
3.    Professionalism
4.    Ethics