DSLNG Enlivens the 2022 Media Festival

DSLNG took part in the 2022 Digital Media Festival, held at the Jodjokodi Convention Center (JCC), Palu City, December 9-10 2022. Aside from being a sponsor, DSLNG also presented a display booth of the company's internal media, the Bhinneka bulletin. DSLNG's presence at this first Media Festival was a firm support form that DSLNG has always been proactive in developing the capacity of journalists and mass media in the company's operational areas for years. The activity initiated by the Central Sulawesi Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI), the Central Sulawesi Association of Indonesian Television Journalists (IJTI), and Indonesian Photojournalist (PFI) Palu is a gathering event for journalists from various mass media platforms, from print, television, radio, to online media in Central Sulawesi, as well as government representatives, students, and literacy activists.

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