DSLNG Donates 1,659 Blood Bags for PMI Banggai

A total of 1,659 bags of blood have been donated by DSLNG for the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Banggai Regency. This social action has been taking place regularly since 2018 in the DSLNG Plant. This number does not include several other blood donation actions that have been held by DSLNG with the Kodim 1308/Luwuk-Banggai. Since the early days of the plant construction, this blood donation social action has taken place in several sub-districts around the DSLNG Plant. Had stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time on Wednesday (22/6/2022) as many as 253 donors participated in the donor action, after the last time it was held in January 2020.  Overall, the trend of donors since 2018 has been observed to increase. This shows the increasing social awareness and health of employees and partners in the DSLNG Plant environment. Enthusiasm is increasingly visible from the implementation of the blood donation that has just taken place, where the number of participants is the largest. This time the blood donation was carried out while still implementing health protocols that adjusted the status of the Banggai Regency area which is at level 1 PPKM.

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