Commemorating World Environment Day, DSLNG Again Releases Maleo Birds

Commemorating World Environment Day on June 5, DSLNG again released 15 chicks of endemic maleo (Macrocephalon maleo) from the ex-situ conservation of the DSLNG Maleo Conservation Center on Tuesday (7/6/2022). The maleo release was marked by the symbolic handover ceremony of maleo chicks by President Director, Atsushi Hozumi, and Corporate Affairs Director, Drajat Iman Panjawi, to the Governor of Central Sulawesi, Rusdy Mastura, and Banggai Regent, Amirudin Tamoreka, who then symbolically handed them over to the Maleo Lovers Community at the DSLNG Plant, Uso Village, Batui District. This is the umpteenth release since DSLNG started the conservation program for the endangered maleo bird in 2012 on an ongoing basis. DSLNG has released 127 maleo chicks as a result of conservation in an effort to increase the population of this endangered Sulawesi endemic bird as a form of its strong commitment to environmental conservation.

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