Supporting the Districts' Education, DSLNG Holds Sharing Session with Volunteers

Supporting the strengthening of the .the education volunteers movement in Banggai,, DSLNG held a Sharing Session with education volunteers from Relawan Oke and Penyala Banggai with keynote speaker Hikmat Hardono, one of the founders of Yayasan Indonesia Mengajar on Wednesday 17 November 2021. In his presentation, Hikmat strengthened the spirit of volunteerism that had been growing and developing in Banggai Regency. In line with the vision of supporting the advancement of education, DSLNG itself was previously a partner of Indonesia Mengajar that placed volunteers as young teachers in remote areas in Banggai from 2013 to 2017. These teachers were called Pengajar Muda. The sharing session was held online at the Community Learning Center facility and was completed by a visit to the Oil and Gas Information Center.

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