DSLNG Holds the Second Phase of Covid-19 Vaccination for Public

Helping the Banggai Regency Government`s efforts to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination rate, PT Donggi-Senoro LNG again held the second stage of vaccination for the people of Batui District on Saturday and Sunday (6-7/11). 430 residents received the vaccine, which was held at the Community Learning Center in the DSLNG Plant area in Uso Village, Batui District. This number increased after the first stage of the Vaccination Center activity, October 9-10 2021, was attended by 385 residents. Meanwhile, the mobile vaccination program in several schools on 20-23 October 2021 was attended by 392 residents, mainly school students. The entire DSLNG vaccination program has spent 1,207 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for communities around the company`s operational areas. This activity was held in collaboration with the Puskesmas and the TNI-Polri in the Batui District.

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