DSLNG Holds Mobile Vaccine Program

To assist regional efforts in accelerating vaccination rates, DSLNG has again implemented Covid-19 vaccinations for communities around the DSLNG Plant by implementing the Mobile Vaccine Program centered in several schools in Batui District, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi. As part of the DSLNG CSR Program in the health sector, the Mobile Vaccine Program was held for three days from Thursday to Saturday, October 21-23 2021 in collaboration with the Batui Military District Command (Koramil) Puskesmas, District Government, and the local police.


For three days, DSLNG deployed one company ambulance unit and utilized the DSLNG CSR donation school bus to the Batui District Government as a vaccination booth, and dispatched several company medical personnel together with Batui Health Center medical personnel, and provided the required vaccine doses. Gradually, DSLNG held mobile vaccinations starting from the first day at SMP Negeri 6 Lamo in Lamo Village, the second day at SMA Negeri 1 Batui in Sisipan Village, and the third day at SMP Negeri 4 in Bakung Village. In this Mobile Vaccine program, 392 people have been vaccinated, with details of 357 receiving the first dose of vaccine and 35 people receiving the second dose. The recipients of the vaccination were dominated by students and followed by the surrounding community.

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