Handling the Pandemic, DSLNG Donates Medical Devices for Batui, Kintom, and Nambo Health Centers

The efforts of PT Donggi-Senoro LNG as a leading company that has been helping the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in the regions continue by providing medical equipment donation for the Batui, Kintom, and Nambo District Health Centers (Puskesmas). This time, DSLNG donation was in the form of several medical equipment packages for the Puskesmas in the area around the DSLNG Plant, which were received directly by the Puskesmas and their respective District Governments.

The donation provided was in medical masks, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant liquid, vitamins and medicines, rapid antigen test kits, and medical gowns for health workers.

In addition to the medical equipment aid package, since the beginning of the pandemic, DSLNG has also been proactive in spraying disinfectants at various public facilities, distributing masks, and sharing aid packages for health workers and the surrounding community in coordination with the Regional Government.

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