MedcoEnergi Management Safari Ramadan at DSLNG Plant

In a series of Safari Ramadan, the management of PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (MedcoEnergi) as DSLNG's shareholders visited the DSLNG Plant on Monday (25/03/2024). The arrival of MedcoEnergi management consisting of President Commissioner Yani Panigoro, Director & COO Ronald Gunawan, and other management was warmly welcomed by DSLNG President Director Atsushi Hozumi, Financial Director Woojin Yoon, and Corporate Affairs Director Drajat Iman Panjawi and employees. In Safari Ramadan Gathering, MedcoEnergi President Commissioner Yani Panigoro appreciated DSLNG's commitment to environmental preservation through the well-maintained coral reefs in the the LNG Jetty and Condensate Jetty area since the start of DSLNG Plant construction in 2011. MedcoEnergi Director & COO Ronald Gunawan also support for DSLNG's initiative to develop human resources in Banggai Regency through the Operator Apprenticeship Program (OPA). Through OPA, DSLNG provides opportunities for the youth of the Banggai region to become world-class LNG operators. For DSLNG, MedcoEnergi's safari ramadan in the last two years is a form of attention and strong support for DSLNG to remain a safe and reliable LNG provider.

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