DSLNG Open "Bonua Ole-Ole" Outlet at Luwuk Airport
As a support for the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (UMKM) in company's operations area, DSLNG open an outlet "Bonua Ole-Ole" at the Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport in Luwuk. The outlet which provides various products of UMKM such as foods and souvenirs from Banggai will be managed by the Micro Business Association (ASPUM) assisted by CSR DSLNG. This outlet is expected to be a marketing media of CSR DSLNG assisted partners’ products in Batui, Kintom, and Nambo Sub-districts. DSLNG Corporate Affairs Director Erita Yohan and President Director Tomomasa Nishimura attended the opening of the outlet which inaugurated on 4 September 2019 by Banggai Regent Herwin Yatim and Banggai Vice-Regent Mustar Labolo.

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