DSLNG Project


DSLNG Project

DSLNG is the first Indonesian LNG project developed as a "downstream business activity" based on Law No. 22 of 2001, which enables separate development of upstream (feedstock gas supply) and downstream (LNG manufacturing) businesses.

Development Plan

The development of the single train LNG plant is primarily intended to monetize the stranded gas of Central Sulawesi using the first downstream LNG business model in the country and hence shifting the investment risks from government to investors.

Gas Suppliers

Indonesia will benefit from revenues generated by both the upstream and downstream businesses involved in this integrated development project to produce natural gas and manufacture and ship LNG.

LNG Buyers

With a production capacity of two million tons per year, the Donggi Senoro LNG plant is able to deliver around 36 cargoes of LNG per year. DSLNG has signed long-term delivery commitment with three buyers, namely JERA, Kyushu Electric, and Korea Gas Corporation. In case the long-term buyers do not take the cargo, then the cargo will be available for the spot market.

LNG Facts

LNG allows the transport of gas over long distances to markets where pipeline delivery is uneconomical.

Industry Update

Permit and License