Security Policy Statement

Security Policy Statement


PT Donggi-Senoro LNG puts the highest priority in securing and protecting the working environment for employees, contractors and all stakeholders as well as properties of the Company as well as the operational stability of the plant from any security threats. In order to achieve such conditions, DSLNG utilizes all resources and fosters cooperation with all stakeholders as the main fortresses to create secured and conducive conditions.

The Company establised Security Management Systems (SMS) and implemented the SMS by prioritizing preemptive and preventive approaches with measurable steps that comply to all prevailing government regulations and Code of Conducts while paying respect to local cultures.



We are committed to:

•    Always build secured conditions in order to achieve the LNG and Condensate delivery targets.

•    Establish and maintain the security protections which are not only beneficial for the Company but also the surrounding community.

•    Develop appropriate and acceptable security measures, and resolve all problems in a civilized manner that compliance with the prevailing regulations.

•    Avoid the incidents which can result victims of injuries or even fatality in dealing with any security interruptions and/or threats.

•    Continuously improve the SMS and promote the awareness of employees and surrounding community that security is everybody`s business.