DSLNG Holds Webinar “Climate Change 101: A Cleaner and Greener Lifestyle”

Still in a series of activities to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5, DSLNG held a webinar with the theme "Climate Change 101: A Cleaner and Greener Lifestyle.” This webinar discusses the climate crisis and energy-efficient lifestyle alternatives, Monday (6/6/2022). DSLNG invited Andyta Firselly Utami, an environmental economist from the World Bank as a speaker in a webinar attended by all employees and contractors in the DSLNG environment. In her material, Andyta explained about the extreme climate change conditions that are currently being faced by the world, along with various steps that can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint on earth. Andyta appealed to the use of Clean and Renewable Energy to be one of the efforts that can be done to reduce environmental pollution and the resilience of energy sources in the future.

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