Komunitas Berbagi 2019
DSLNG in collaboration with education volunteer groups in Banggai which consists of Penyala Banggai, Babasal Mombasa, Pagimana Bersekolah (KP3), and Relawan Oke held a voluntary activity titled 'Komunitas Berbagi' on 16 November 2019 at the Luwuk Gelora Basketball Court. Such voluntary event aimed at inspiring students an public at large about the importance of support for education. A total of 500 participants consisting of elementary, middle, high school students and the general public from Luwuk and surroundings were enthusiastic in participating in various creative activities which carried out in Pojok Anak (Kids Corner), Planet Remaja (Youth Planet), and Bengkel Kreasi (Creative Workshops). Before the main event in Luwuk, a mini Komunitas Berbagi was previously held in Batui, Kintom, and Nambo sub-districts in the series of roadshows on 19 October, 26 October, and 2 November 2019.

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